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Paola ♌ Yuni
23 August 2006 @ 06:56 pm

Friends Only!

From now on I'm making my LJ friends only~ sorry everyone. But y'know leave a comment with::

1. Who you are
2. How you know me
3. Why you want to be added

I add just about everyone so please don't be shy or anything. =]

For some basics about me...Collapse )
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Paola ♌ Yuni
23 August 2006 @ 05:19 am
[Black Cat] › Saya
[Loveless ] ›‪‫‪‪‪ Natsuo
[NANA] › Misato
[Naruto] › Iruka
[Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!] |♫| Sayaka Amemiya
[Ouran High School Host Club] › Fujioka Haruhi
[Paradise Kiss] › Miwako
[Pokémon] › Hikari
[Type-Moon] › Rider
[Final Fantasy VII] ☆ Yuffie Kisaragi
[Battle Royale] ★ Mitsuko Souma
Ciel-sempai IS MY WAIFU
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Paola ♌ Yuni
17 August 2006 @ 10:27 pm
This meet was one of the best ever I swear! The group who went to Applebees? Hooman that was an AWESOME time!! The gardens turned out to be rather cool and the bamboo gardens are amazing! Kasai seemed real touched by the goodbye card so I'm real glad that I decided to pick that up and have everyone sign it (definitely one of my better ideas of the month) =3 I hope to see everyone at the Sept 23rd meet cuz I'll be disappointed if I can't see you all!! RAWR! Now to find as many of your LJs as possible so I can stalk you all...
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Paola ♌ Yuni
03 June 2006 @ 07:51 pm
Icon duuump! Old and new and stuff I most likely already posted. T_T; I just don't have a life that's all. All resources are in my userinfo. Nobody'll take any but um... Heck w/e I'm bored. Still, if you do end up taking one please comment... no real credit is necessary. ^^

[3] Naruto
[1] Chobits
[1] Gravitation
[1] FMA
[1] Fatal Frame 3
[1] Tactics
[2] Loveless
[11] Nana
[2] Samurai Champloo
[1] Resident Evil 4
[1] Final Fantasy XII
[1] Tsubasa Reservior Chronicle
[1] DNAngel
[1] Miscellaneous Yaoi Icon

It's a real cut!Collapse )
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